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One Hour Tees

OneHourTees is owned and operated by Creative Ventures, Inc. OneHourTees is located at 2348 N. Damen Ave., in Chicago, IL 60647. Their retail store is a showroom, sales office and print shop specializing in quick turnaround times for clients. By utilizing the latest technology of direct to garment printing machines, 85% of their business is local. OneHourTees is one of the only companies in the Chicago area that has the ability to design and print a t-shirt within one hour. Currently, the company prints for over 600 schools within the Chicago-land area. They have printed for many high profile clients such as; WGN, Motorla, Kiss FM, Comcast, Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey, Target, Verizon and YMCA. In 2013, OneHourTees owner founded ProWrestlingTees.com which is now the largest independent pro wrestling t-shirt website in the world. With over 75,000 customers the company is growing rapidly every day.


Mission Statement:

OneHourTees’ mission is to provide a quick professional service that reaches the highest standards of garment printing. They are committed to being a company which is not only affordable for their customers but dedicated to giving their clientele the best service in the industry. OneHourTees’ wishes to create a greater future for their name, and to provide a profitable and positive working environment for their future success.



In April of 2004, Ryan Barkan started Creative Ventures, Inc.. The company started as a local multimedia firm, but after 2 years turned their focus directly to garment printing. Ryan opened the OneHourTees retail location in 2008. His expertise in graphic design gave him the ability to create t-shirt designs so quickly that providing a printing service which did the same seemed logical. OneHourTees is still growing as a company which currently has 20 employees.



Ryan Barkan - Founder & CEO

Gail Barkan - Human Resources & Accounting

Steve Weisman - Vice President Of Sales

Francesco Spahic - Back Office Manager

Karima Manouzi - Front Office Manager

Jerad Edelman - Quote Master General

Maggie Geimer - Fullfillment Manager

Michael Heredia - Marketing

Kris Hammond

Vinny Malave

Jay Jensen

George Bond

Cousin Michael (CMT)

Gina Mcmullin

Jeremy Meyer

Nick Almendarez

Brittany Duncan

Alberto Lara

Emily Gryglak

Nate Simmons