Artwork Mockups & Proofs

Free digital mockups on order of 10 or more pieces…

If you have ordered over 10 pieces, you can request a mockup to see placement of your design on the garments. If you are ordering under 10 pieces and have paid for a $15.00 design setup fee, a digital mockup will be included with that design at no extra charge.

Digital Mockups will be sent for approval once you have placed and made payment on your order.

Can I get a digital mockup when I order under 10 pieces?

Digital Mockups are available for a $10.00 fee when ordering under 10 pieces. If you provided your artwork, your artwork will be printed on the shirt at the dimensions listed on your invoice. If you are worried about the color, you should come into our store to check our T-shirt color print chart. Once you have approved the invoice there will be no refunds on design dimensions or placement.

Please keep in mind that all front center logos are printed approx. 3 inches down from the seam of the collar. All Back Shoulder logos are printed approx. 4 inches down from the collar. This is standard positioning. If you wish to have it done differently you must let us know so we can write that into your order.