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Black Wednesday Steve “Silk” Hurley’s Birthday T-shirts in Chicago, IL

Black Wednesday hosted by S&S Records of Chicago for the co-founder Steve “Silk” Hurley’s Birthday party. Steve is credited with the innovation of House Music right here in Chicago and has been nominated for a grammy 4 times as well as producing multiple platinum and gold records. He’s worked with artists such as Ce Ce Peniston, Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and numerous other huge talents. He is also heard by four million people twice per week on his radio station Mashup Radio as well as having music featured on the Oprah show. It was an honor to be invited to play his birthday party and I wore my shirt proudly!

Quick and easy.
-S&S Records Chicago

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Summer Bible Academy T-shirts in Chicago, IL

Our church had a Summer Bible Academy in the Chicago area and its theme was God is Love. Our small group of people around 15 gathered to study and discuss bible stories and had a fun time together for a week. As a graphic designer, I thought it was good to have T-Shirt for this event to make unity and build up friendship. For the first time, I designed graphics for T-Shirt and searched a print shop on a web in Chicago areas and I found One Hour Tees. I was surprised at its price. Since I was late to make the T-Shirt, I ordered one day print and it worked out very well. The T-Shirts really supported our gathering, and everyone liked the shirts.

I ordered the one hour turn around and picked them up that afternoon. They quickly responded and prepared everything. The print and shirt quality was good and the customer service was very nice. I was happy to see my design on the shirts and all our members enjoyed the shirts very much!

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Cubs Bachelor Party T-shirts in Chicago, IL

For my buddies Bachelor Party, we all got together and planned a trip to Wrigley Field bleachers vs the Cardinals. It was a great game and the Cubs won. But what made the event so great was that the whole party was rocking our custom Bachelor shirts that were very popular and people were asking about. We had everyone the groom met sign his shirt and at the end of the day had over 100 signatures. After the game we took a party trolley around popular Chicago bars. Everyone had a great time and the shirts definitely were part of the success!

The shirts came out perfectly. It was difficult as I kind of through together a design and I’m not the best at photoshop. But the designers were able to put them out perfectly and even designed a special one for the Groom with his name on the back. Couldn’t have asked for anything more!
-Justin Wegener

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Apes R Us EP Release Party T-shirts in Houston, TX

We were having an album release party for our record company and wanted matching shirts for artists and staff as well as a few attendees. This was a event that was open to the public and was used to generate buzz and get our name out there. The shirts will be a great addition and continuous marketing as they will be given out as party favors as well. We are a smaller independent label so getting our name and our artist’s names out are key to build our brand so this event and these shirts are great stepping stones! Shirts were a hit (:

Elisa was very helpful and easy to work with, the shirts were a hit. We will order from One Hour Tees again!!
-Jessica Carlisle

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Pre-Travel Academy T-shirts in Chicago, IL

The goal of the Pre-Travel Academy is to provide a structured coaching environment for the many young players ages 4-12 and prepare them to compete on travel teams. The academy will allow its participants to learn advanced skills thereby helping them to easily transition from a community level to highly competitive travel programs. We understand that these formative years are an extremely pivotal point in early childhood development. Because of this, we are excited to provide them with access to the best professional coaching staff to begin crafting each child into a well rounded soccer player. Travel tryout dates are set for late May.

Returning customer. Professional, fast and affordable service!
-West Loop Soccer Club

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Builders Club T-shirts in Glenview, IL

We have used One Hour Tees for our club shirts for two years in a row. We are the school’s only philanthropy club, promoting kindness and service. The club members all voted on their shirt design, and color. The students all really wanted to tie dye, and despite our best efforts, we did not have the time to do so. We did not want to let the kids down, and were greatly relieved when we saw the beautiful tie dye options available. The kids were very excited with the end product, and the staff members were too. We are going to place a second order soon!

Another all around positive experience from One Hour Tees! Thank you so much for these beautiful shirts!

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Tanya’s 40th celebration T-shirts in Orlando, IL

Adulting is hard, having fun is important. All the girls will come out to party with the Fab Five at Disney world. Five days of fun and sun to celebrate 40th birthdays at the wine and dine festival. We will start the week off at the Magic Kindom all the Mountains will be conquered and after that we will take a ride with the 7 dwarfs on the mine train. We will finish up our day being the Guests of Belle and the beast. Fun will be had by all and no ride will be left un done. Join us in October if you dare.

Great shirts and fast courteous service. I will be ordering more for our adventures!
-Kelly Leuck

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Friend’s Birthday T-shirts in Chicago, IL

It was my friend’s birthday and I thought that a great way to cheer her up was to take one of the drawings she has done and put it on a t-shirt and then wear it to her birthday. The picture that I brought in needed some digital editing and touching up and the staff at Onehourtees willing help me do that. The shirt was of high quality material and the print on it was awesome; it came out very true to the colors that I picked and it was printing well onto the shirt. My friend loved seeing the shirt and I loved wearing it. I got a quality and well printed t-shirt for the super low price of $6.60. Overall a great experience!

The staff was very nice and diligent. They helped me do some photoshop work on my design which was super helpful since I don’t know how to do that. The material of the shirt which is one of their cheapest is great and the printing was done really well. At a price of $6.60, the shirt was well worth the price. Superb service and staff, highly recommend.
-Tomer Tur-Kaspa

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RAMBL T-shirts in Morton Grove, IL

RAMBL is a talk show/podcast hosted in Morton Grove, Illinois. The goal of the show is to entertain the viewers week by week, but also be very interactive with the people watching the show. Each week we have a new guest on the show, where we get to learn a little bit more about them and what it is that makes them so unique. At the end of each show, we like to present each guest with a gift, a RAMBL t-shirt, as a token of our appreciation for them being on the show and hanging out with us. Streamed live to Facebook every Wednesday at 7:30, were hoping to continue growing our audience and provide them with more of what they want to see.

One Hour Tees was awesome in helping me get my order quick. I realized that I needed a few shirts in less than a few hours, and the first name that popped into my head was “One Hour Tees”, after driving by the billboard so much on Ashland and Fullerton. The website was quick and easy to use, customer service was great, and my shirts were done in just under an hour. Great speedy service and the final product came out better than expected.
-Aron Ianchici