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3 Reasons To Buy Wholesale T-Shirts From OneHourTees

As the top custom tee shirt printing company in the Chicago area, OneHourTees has several advantages over the competition, providing a huge line of garments and a wide range of different products and options to consider.

We specialize in providing our customers with top quality wholesale T shirts and garments. We only sell the best quality since we know we will be printing them too, and we want our services and products to speak for themselves.

The Wholesale Advantage

Printing thousands of tee shirts per day means we are a big company for our suppliers to work with. They offer us the top discounts based on the high volume of shirts we sell.

The end result of this high volume is passed on directly to our customers in the savings we get when purchasing our wholesale T shirts. This not only saves you money on small orders, but it really saves you money on larger ones.

To help our customers even further, we have bulk discounts based on the number of shirts you order per design. For example, if you order between 50 and 99 shirts, you’ll have an additional 5% saving. For 500 to 1000, we provide a full 20% saving, and we are happy to talk to you about orders over 1000 pieces per design for an even greater saving opportunity.

The Ordering Process

Another advantage besides our low prices is the fact we have access to a very large inventory at all times. In addition, if we don’t have the color, style, or quantity you need in stock, our suppliers make it a priority to have it delivered when we need it.

When you order wholesale T shirts from us, we will be able to supply not only the shirts, but also have the print job done on time. For those customers who aren’t in a big rush, we offer discounted prices based on the lead time you provide.

This means, if you can wait for a week from the date of your order until pick-up, your printed shirts will be significantly less in cost. This can be more than half the price per shirt for full-color printing compared to having the order completed in an hour.