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A Guide to Wholesale T-Shirts Shopping

Getting into the custom t-shirt business is a really good way to earn decent pay while also showcasing your creative talents to the world. Better than that, it is a relatively affordable business to get into on a lower budget than most others. In fact, you could pretty much start and run the business in the earlier stage from your basement or garage. One thing that you need to get right, however, is wholesale t-shirts. After all, these are the blank canvasses upon which your creative creations will be printed.

Shopping for wholesale t-shirts is much easier now given that they, like many other products, can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. There are a few concerns that you can watch out for that will help you get the best deal and save you from being screwed over by unscrupulous sellers.

Pick Shirts Fit for Your Target Market

This simple tip is one that many an aspiring t-shirt entrepreneur fails to consider. Will you go for cotton, synthetics or wool? The answer to that relies less on your personal tastes and more on the environment and people you’re selling to. You wouldn’t want to try to sell thinner cotton shirts to people in the freezing northern states. Nor would you want to sell thicker wool shirts to those living in Florida. Both scenarios are a disaster waiting to happen that you simply cannot afford. Always consider the needs of your target market.

Check the Credentials of the Seller

If you are shopping for wholesale t-shirts online, you open yourself up to a world of convenience. Unfortunately, you also open yourself up to a world of unscrupulous sellers out there. So before you hit that “buy” button, do the research on the company that you are buying from. Are they known for their reliable, quality customer service? Do they provide warranties and assurances on deliveries and shipments? These are questions you need to ask.

How Many Do You Need?

So you figured out your target market’s needs and you’ve also managed to find an online seller with a sterling reputation. The last thing that you need to figure out is just how many shirts that you need to buy. This is a tough question to answer. Buy too many and you might be overdrawn. Buy too little and customers might get frustrated. A good solution is to do pre-orders. This gives you an idea of the exact quantity you need to order and also gives you the time to work on pushing them out the door. Just remember to keep your promises realistic.