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Create Amazing Bachelorette Party Shirts and Sayings

bachelorette party t-shirts

There are few times in life when women can get away with wearing matching shirts without complete embarrassment. Kickball teams are one of them, and Bachelorette parties are the other.

What better way to let the entire world know that your BFF is celebrating her last night as a single woman than all party-goers wearing the same shirt?

No matter if you’re hitting the Strip in Vegas hardcore, or enjoying a more memorable (and less alcoholic) night at home, a Bachelorette party is cause for celebration and matching t-shirts.

Why Get a Custom Bachelorette Party T-Shirt?

First off, you’re going to want to show solidarity with your girl. As the night progresses and more and more alcohol is consumed, you can easily keep track of all group members by simply looking for those who are wearing the same shirt as you are.

Second of all, plenty of pictures will be taken and posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Without custom-matching t-shirts, how will everyone know that you’re in a bachelorette party without you having to come out and tell them explicitly?

Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Slogan Ideas

Before you place an order for a custom t-shirt, you have to have the right slogan. While some people may instantly know what they’re going to write on their shirts, others may not. Here are a few bachelorette party custom t-shirt ideas for those who might need a little inspirational help:

  • Best Friends, Bridesmaids, Babes, and Bubbly
  • Bride Tribe
  • BRIDE (to be)
  • Bride Gang
  • I said “Yes!”
  • Wife material
  • Not wife material
  • The Mrs.
  • Bride (for the bride) Squad (for all the girls)
  • His pick (for the bride) Her Clique (for all her girls)
  • Wife of the party
  • Future Mrs. (for the bride) Basic Bitches (for all her girls)
  • Girls Support Girls
  • Team Bride
  • Sorry, Not Single!
  • I said Yas
  • Trading my tail for a veil
  • You can’t sit with us
  • Bridin’ Dirty
  • Raising Hell Before the Wedding Bells
  • Engaged AF (bride) Drunk AF (for all her girls)
  • Legit Getting Married
  • My Last Margarita as a Senorita
  • Drinking Margaritas with My Senoritas
  • Bride to Bee (bride) Let’s Get Buzzed (for all her girls)

Q: How Quickly Can I Get a Custom T-Shirt Made?

A: How quickly do you need it?

At one-hour tees, we specialize in t-shirts made and shipped in one hour. We can ship directly to your hotel or suite and have them there in time for the bachelorette party.

If you don’t need shirts that quickly, we can slow our roll and have them created and shipped to you in:

  • Next business day
  • 2 business days
  • 3 business days
  • 4-5 business days
  • 6 business days
  • 7+ business days

The only difference is the cost of the shipping. Next business day will oviously cost more than 7+ business days.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

If you or one of your girls has mad design skills, fire up Photoshop and create a killer logo and design. For everyone else, you can use our free custom t-shirt design tool which will enable you to add text, photos, and design the front and back of the shirt.

Once you’re happy with the design, simply upload it to the order form, and one of our design experts will look it over to make sure everything is in order. Once you sign off on the proof, we’ll begin printing your shirts and have the order delivered to you by when you need it.

Popular Bachelor Party Cities

Las Vegas isn’t the be-all and end-all for bachelorette parties. There are plenty of other cities in the country that a group of women can celebrate their friends last night being single.

Yes, Vegas is fun, but if the entire party has to fly into Vegas (of which the entire trip will run into the thousands of dollars), you can always check out other cities such as:

  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Honolulu
  • San Diego
  • Newport Beach, CA.
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Austin
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Nashville

Las Vegas can be expensive and if money is no option, have at it! But for those on a somewhat limited budget, you can have just as good of a time in L.A. or Miami than you can in Vegas.

A little-known secret to Las Vegas is that if there are a lot of major conferences in town (e.g., conventions or huge sporting event), the hotels will raise their prices accordingly.

Your entire party might get stuck in a seedy motel on the fringes of Vegas if you don’t plan your trip months in advance.

What Goes on at a Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette parties range from the mild to the wild. It all depends on the girls celebrating and how crazy they get once a little bit of alcohol is added. Sometimes the entire group will hire a male….uh….“dancer” to make the night that much more special and memorable.

No matter if you’re going balls-to-the-wall in Vegas or having a non-alcoholic girls night out that would make Walt Disney and your church pastor proud, a bachelorette party is a time to get wild and celebrate your girl finding Mr. Right.

Custom t-shirts will help make her last night as a single woman that much more memorable, so what are you waiting for? Order your custom t-shirts today, and we’ll have them shipped to you in time for the party!