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Cornering the Retail Clothing Market with Wholesale Shirts

No greater feeling exists than that of realizing that you can become an entrepreneur. For you, entrepreneurship might mean opening a place of your own so you are answerable only to yourself and your client base. On the other hand, entrepreneurship might be all about answering the call of duty or following a personal passion.

Top of the list businesses in the clothing and food industries where started by entrepreneurs.
Restaurants are sprouting up all over the place, possibly at the same rate online clothing sellers launch. These businesses are such integral parts of daily living that regular patronage and steady income are expected.

For the fashion-inclined, everything starts with the most basic of items: the mighty t-shirt. Versatile and timeless, t-shirts have become as ubiquitous as blue jeans. This is something that The Row’s Mary Kate Olsen knows too well. One t-shirt alone launched a fashion empire by showing that t-shirts can be worn in both a corporate setting and for a night out on the town. You just need to dress it up with the right accessories.

For entrepreneurs, buying t-shirts in bulk and wholesale orders is a smart move. Why so? Let’s weave through the many reasons:

1 Economic and Competitive Prices

Bulk orders always end up being cheaper by the piece than buying in a shop. Fortunately, buying in bulk enables the entrepreneur to enjoy special discounts as the volume increases. At times, wholesale shirt suppliers may also throw in additional benefits, such as free delivery.

Many top business owners will advise entrepreneurs to purchase cotton shirts in bulk and invest in a variety of sizes and types. Look at different necklines, considering the crew neck, V cut, and round neck varieties.

2 Launching Collections

Buying wholesales shirts also make it easier for entrepreneurs to launch capsule collections to big lines for the season. The last thing you want to happen is for a certain shirt design to come up as a hit but fall short of expectations due to small quantities available for purchase.

In manufacturing, it is wiser to go for bigger quantities as it is much harder to force printing machines to produce overtime. It does not lead only to substandard work but also to more complicated machine upkeep problems that may cause delays in delivery and in expensive repair work that can set back an entrepreneur’s budget.

3 Go Big or Go Home

Every small shirt entrepreneur wants to hit it big. When it comes to retail, big always means being in the huge department stores such as Target, Barney’s New York, Neiman Marcus, and even Wal-Mart.

These stores require a volume commitment from their suppliers to carry the brand in the stores. A ready entrepreneur is one who has a whole supply chain delivery system that can meet those standards of quality work and bulk stock, especially during peak seasons.

When it comes to shirt manufacturing, you can err on the side of big returns by buying shirts wholesale from day one.