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Custom Embroidery T-Shirts for a Professional Look

Sometimes, screen printed duds just don’t get the look you were aiming for. While they may be great for events such as 5k races, birthday parties or casual fundraisers – they often lack the professionalism that many business owners are looking for. Whether it’s for a company function or even for employee uniforms, custom embroidery t shirts are the perfect way to create the professional look that you desire without going overboard on spending. Many of the companies offering screen printing services also embroider t-shirts, polos, and even hats to ensure that your staff is outfitted in style!

Custom Options
Just as you have creative freedom when designing your own screen printed shirts, embroidery t-shirts offer you the same creative ability! Whether you submit your own original artwork for a logo or slogan, or you’d prefer to work with a designer to come up with the perfect design, you’ll be amazed at the wide selection of colors and fonts that available to bring your idea to life. Embroidery is no longer just for basic designs. You might be surprised with just how much can be done with this somewhat “traditional” medium utilizing today’s technology and resources! The sky is the limit, so put your creative juices to work!

Long-Lasting Designs
A major advantage of choosing embroidery t-shirts over some of the other printing options is that this type of customization often holds up much longer. For example, the frequent washing of work shirts over and over again, may cause screen printing to become susceptible to fading or chipping after extended use. Embroidery will remain strong and vibrant, even after multiple washes, making it a great solution for both work and casual wear. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about a worn out print having a less-than-professional look while your employees are sporting their shirts on the job! Remember, what your employees wear is a direct reflection of your business and professionalism, so ensure that you’re giving off the vibe you intend!

Buying in Bulk
If you’re purchasing embroidery t-shirts for a large function or for every member of your staff, you may have some concerns about cost. Rest assured that local printers understand budget constraints, and many have gone out of their way to accommodate those who need to place a large order. By providing money saving discounts to those who are purchasing upwards of 50 pieces, you’ll actually cut costs by increasing the quantity of your order. Additionally, when placing a large order, many printers are happy to assist you with design setup and other basic services at no additional charge. This means that you’ll get all the perks necessary to ensure your finished product looks great without having to break your budget!

One Hour Tees is ready to help you design the perfect embroidered shirts, hats and even sweats.