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Embroidered T-Shirts – A Classy Touch

There is no doubt in this world that going that extra step above the average can really make you stand out from the rest. This is why we offer our customers the option of embroidery to provide a very classy option for businesses, groups, organizations, team, and even workplaces to provide their clients and their employees with a great looking t-shirt.

The types of embroidery that really stand out on a shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or other type of garment are those that highlight contrasting and vibrant colors. For example, white, silver, or metallic gold thread all look terrific on a black or dark colored shirt while black, blues, purples, and dark greens look terrific on white or light colored shirts.

Branding Made Easy

With more and more businesses focusing on branding, using embroidered t-shirts is a sure way to get your customers to do your marketing for you. Unlike printed shirts, these are going to be worn and, because they are typically the heavier shirts that are top quality, they are going to last and last.

By choosing to use your company name, logo or even an image of an iconic product you produce, your customers will literally wear your branding for you. Choose colors that are consistent with your company colors to really drive home the message.

Staff Uniforms

If you like the idea of having everyone on staff dressing in a similar way, but you don’t want the expense and institutional look of uniforms, why not choose embroidered short and long sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polos? With our range of different styles, types, and colors of shirt –all with the standard company name and logo embroidered on the shirt, your staff will be easy to identify without being dressed exactly the same.

With the professional, upscale look of the embroidery, your company information will be front and center while your staff is working comfortably. This is perfect even for those people that may work outside of the workplace such as technicians, sales reps, temporary employees, and of course for those handling door to door sales.

The more that you consider the benefits of our embroidered t-shirts for your clients and your staff, the more options you will find for these shirts. Later on, you can also think about adding other embroidered products we offer, from hats and backpacks, to jackets and sweaters for year round wear.