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How To Find The Right T-Shirt Design/Print Company

As you wander through the retail outlets at your local mall or strip plaza, one thing becomes crystal clear. These shops are increasing in number. Yet, it is also obvious that not all print shops are the same. They provide different services and, from the product you have glimpsed, varying quality. Some have access to wholesale T shirts, thereby reducing the cost and allowing them to mass produce your designs. Others have only a limited selection of product, and can only make a single T-shirt at a time.

Finding the Right Company for You

I cannot tell you what company will measure up to your demands. This is personal and I simply do not have all the pertinent data. I can, however, suggest what you should look for when shopping around for a T-Shirt. It begins with making sure you know what you want. This is important because different print companies use different processes. They also may or may not be able to let you use an original design. This says nothing about whether they can draw on wholesale T shirt supplies to help you find the right one at the right cost.

Points To Consider – Including Wholesale T Shirts

When it comes to finding the right company to produce your t shirt or shirts, consider the following as a brief guide. Look at such factors as:

  • Amount: How many T-shirts do your need? If you require more than one, perhaps it is best to look online for someone who has access to wholesale T shirts, to help you reduce the overall cost.
  • Design: Do you have a design in mind? Is it original or readily available on the net? Is it licensed? Do you need a company that can simply reproduce or replicate the design, or one that will work with you to make what you want come alive on your T shirts?
  • Time frame: Do you want your T-shirts by, like, yesterday? If so, you need to talk to a company such as One Hour Tees that specializes in accomplishing this. If you have more time, your options are greater.
  • Costs: If you don’t have a budget, you should at least prepare one. You need to look at the above factors and see if they can all fit into your budget. In most shops, the design cost rises if the company needs to deal with an original design. However, the time frame is longer increasing the cost. And, if you’re after a single T, it would be much cheaper than buying several –unless the company has access to wholesale T shirts. If this is the case, it will definitely help you reduce the overall cost.

A Final Note

The easy access to printing technology has led to a surge in the amount of printers and suppliers. It has also, not surprisingly, resulted in increased providers and manufacturers of wholesale T shirts. Online and in the mall, they give you a chance to explore the possibilities before you commit yourself to a single company that will offer you exactly what you want.