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How To Profit Big From Cheap T-Shirts

Some of our best customers are people that use their artistic talents and vision to create one of a kind t-shirts that they market online. With the ease of setting up an online store and our low, low prices for shirts and printing, this is an extremely easy and low cost option for starting your own business.

However, as we have found, there are some things that you do have to keep in mind. These are practical, handy tips for your t-shirt business, but they can also apply if you want to branch out and handle other custom printed apparel, which we are more than happy to work with you on, as well.

Quality Counts

While you will find that we have great prices on our t-shirts and other items, we don’t sell cheap quality clothing. Too many companies, especially online sellers, get caught up in buying very low quality, cheaply made t-shirts. Even with a great design, these shirts are not going to keep your customers happy and, while they may buy from you once, they won’t be back again.

Design Choices

We find in talking to our clients that t-shirts that tend to sell are those that are timely, relevant, funny, or classic in their design. Anything that is really trendy becomes a problem, as they are very popular for a short period of time and after that, they’re simply not wanted at all.

One advantage that our customers have is that we offer one hour and same day printing, which means you can hit a trend or something going around on social media and create a design, get them printed, and start selling all in the same day. This is a simple option to getting the drop on trends without getting stuck when the trend is no longer trendy.

Marketing Matters

Last but not least, and this is something that every company needs to work on, is online marketing. Getting out there on social media, blogging, adding to your website, and giving your customers something of value besides great t-shirts at excellent prices is important.

Making money with t-shirts, especially if you are creative, is a great way to work from home or have a second income. With our quick printing and your artistic talent, we can work together to get you making money in taking the custom t-shirt market by storm.