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Pumice Wash: How to Give Your T-Shirt That Vintage Worn Look

The best T-Shirts aren’t the brand new ones, they’re the ones that are worn-in and soft from numerous washes. They have a bit of age to them and are thinned out wearing way too much. New T-Shirts tend to feel starchy and tight. Unfortunately we can’t buy all of our T-Shirts from vintage shops, especially if it’s a newly printed shirt for your team or frat house. So how do you make your new T-Shirt look and feel like your favorite vintage t-shirt? It’s called a Pumice Wash and it’s the perfect way to safely wear in your T-Shirt for maximum comfort.

Pumice is a volcanic rock that is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from the volcano. So basically, the most badass rock that could ever exist. It’s typically a light colored, porous material composed of highly microvesicular glass pyroclastic with walls of igneous rock. Whatever that means, it’s a pretty awesome rock. Most landscaping stores will sell it by the bags or you can order it online. Here’s how to use Pumice to make your custom t-shirt the most comfortable one you’ll ever wear. Note: Instead of Pumice you can use salt. Think about it, your salty sweat is what’s wearing in your shirt anyway. However, Pumice will cause less damage to the shirt while still wearing it in. But if you can’t get a hold of Pumice, salt will do.

You’ll Need:

1- 2 cups Pumice Rock (Or 1 cup of Rock Salt)

Laundry Detergent


Warm Water

The Steps:

1. Place the warm wate into your bucket.

2. Place the shirt inside.

3. Slowly stir the Pumice into the bucket. Continue this process until all of the Pumice is in the bucket.

4. Stir occasionally so the pumice stones to rise to the top. Although the pumice will float to the bottom, tinier particles will separate from the stone and slowly wear in the T-Shirt.

5. Let the shirt sit for three days. Afterward remove the shirt, rinse in the sink, and wring before machine washing with a dash of laundry detergent and tumble drying.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy your newly worn in vintage t-shirt.