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Kickball T-Shirt Ideas

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if there was a sport that combined your love of baseball with your love of kicking things?

If so, look no further than kickball.

Kickball is a game we were all forced to play by our P.E. coach in middle school. It’s played the same way baseball is, but instead of hitting a ball with a bat, you are supposed to kick a big red rubber ball then run around the bases.

The pitcher stands on the mound and will roll the ball towards home plate. It’s your job to kick the ball as hard as possible so that you and/or your teammates can round the bases and score a point.

While the game can be played by men only, it’s 10x more fun when you make it a coed sport. Don’t discount the kickball prowess of women: there are all-girl teams of kickball players that will put an ass-whooping down upon any guys that challenge them.

Why Kickball?

You’d think after being forced to play this game in middle school, we’d all have an aversion to it. It turns out that one key ingredient was missing: beer. Had we had copious amounts of beer given to us in middle school, we’d have enjoyed kickball much more.

The best part about drinking beer while playing this game is that all it requires is for you to kick a ball and run. No hand-eye coordination, no pitcher on steroids throwing a baseball at 100mph at your head, no 7th inning stretch. Just you and a big red rubber ball.

Of course, you can play this game without imbibing alcohol, although you won’t have half the laughs you would if your buddy fell flat on his ass because he was too drunk to run to 1st base.

We’ve heard that these no-alcohol, die-hard kickball fans also enjoy opening packs of professional kickball playing cards, hoping to find the elusive Babaganoosh rookie card.

No Seriously, Why Kickball?

If you haven’t played the sport, don’t knock it. Most kickball players are college graduates (although you don’t have to be) and enjoy getting together in the park after work or on the weekends to BBQ and have some fun. Others are there strictly for the competition factor.

The best part about kickball is hanging out with friends, drinking beer (if that’s your sort of thing), and most importantly getting some fresh air and exercise while blowing off some steam.

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a few beers and kicking a big red rubber ball that represents the head of your stupid boss at work. The satisfying “thunk” noise the ball makes when it’s kicked into the air will relieve months of pent-up stress and aggravation.

The Team

Any kickball player worth his or her salt will tell you that you’re not a real player unless you belong to a team. Kickball is a co-ed sport (and a great way to meet and maybe pick up chicks) and doesn’t require any physical prowess.

A team of 5 overweight guys with beer guts can beat a team of personal trainers in a game of kickball. This sport levels the playing field so that anyone can play.

If you don’t have a kickball team, and you’re not sure where to find one ask around your office. Chances are you’ll find many people willing to join and participate. After you’ve got your roster, look for a local park. Most high schools have baseball diamonds that go unused on Sundays.

If you can’t round up 11 co-workers, then try searching online. There are such places as the Go Kickball website where you can set up a league and team and meet others who are interested in playing the sport. If you’re one of those who is serious about sports, you might want to adopt a “no alcohol” rule as drunken kickball games are either really low or high scoring.

Game Variations

If the rules and regulations of traditional kickball don’t get your blood flowing, then why not try a variation of the game? Several online websites have listed various ways of playing the game.

E.g., One Base – In this version of the game, only 2nd plate is used. Once the player kicks the ball, he/she will have to run over the pitcher’s mount to 2nd base. To score, they will need to come back and touch home base. This type of kickball game is usually pretty intense and high scoring.


Now that you’ve got your team, you need to coordinate what you’re going to be wearing. While everyone can wear a plain t-shirt and shorts, it helps bring together and unify the team if you’re all wearing a custom printed t-shirt.

Although kickball is a relaxed sport meant to be played with friends, there’s nothing better than having matching uniforms to help intimidate the other team. However, because it is a friendly game, keep the uniform light-hearted with a great slogan or quote. Here are some of our favorites kickball t-shirt ideas:

  • Leave the Bats at Home
  • Got Balls?
  • We Got Inflated Rubber Balls
  • Just for Kicks
  • Aim High, Roll Low
  • No One Kicks My Balls.
  • Got Kickball?
  • Big Feet, Big Shoes, Big Kicks
  • What’s Wrong with Swollen Red Balls?
  • Strike, Fly, Tag, or Force. Doesn’t Matter How, Just Know You’ll Be Out
  • My Balls, Your Face
  • You Roll Like a Girl
  • Big Ballers, Shot Callers
  • Just Kick It
  • Can I Kick It?
  • The Ballers
  • Good game, good game, fuck you, good game, good game.
  • Kickballer
  • Holy Rollers (great name for a religious group)
  • Kickball is my therapy
  • One Kick Wonder
  • Make Kickball Great Again
  • World’s Okayest Kickball Player