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Want to Make Your Own T-Shirt?

Back in the old days, if you wanted to make your own t-shirt, you had to go through quite a process. The main element back then involved some type of iron on transfer, and the result was sometimes far from professional looking. On top of that, after just one wash, your custom creation was essentially ruined and you were out a good $25 or so. But thanks to advancements in the printing industry, it’s now incredibly easy to create your own custom apparel and have them printed – professionally – for a low price. So, whether your t-shirt idea is just for fun or you want to create hundreds of custom shirts for an upcoming event, you can start placing your order right here on the web!

Online Ordering
Depending on how simple or complex your t-shirt design is you’ll have a few options in terms of how you’d like to order. Many printers offer online design submittal, meaning you can enter in everything you need to start the production process through the web. Or if you’d prefer to meet with a graphic designer or work with the printer directly, most are able to accommodate those requests, as well. Any questions you have shouldn’t be left unanswered, so don’t hesitate to give the printer you chose a call even if you do plan on ordering online. Once you confirm your order, it will be sent to production – so be sure all of your questions are answered before finalizing.

Professional Quality
The techniques and equipment used by these printers are professional quality. That means that you’ll be able to wash and wear your custom shirt as you would if you purchased it in the store. When you make your own t-shirt with the help of a professional, you’ll be able to choose from various garment styles, colors, fonts and much more to ensure the finished product is exactly as you envisioned. Unlike do-it-yourself “at home” options, you’ll be able to wash and wear your shirt over and over again without damage. It’s truly the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Perfect for Any Occasion
So whether you’re planning on creating a few shirts for fun or you want to design your own t-shirt for a big event or fundraiser, the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity! Think of how your guests will love to receive a custom t-shirt as a party favor at your event! Many printers are happy to provide guidance or direct you to other resources such as graphic artists, to help bring your concept to life. No matter what your theme or idea may be it can be great fun to make your own t-shirt with the help of the pros!

One Hour Tees specializes in assisting people like you in bringing their t-shirt ideas to life. Because we offer printing and embroidery options on hundreds of different apparel items, we provide professional results at an affordable price.