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Popular T-Shirt Colors for Spring & Summer 2013

popular t-shirt colors 2013

Every season, a new palate of colors are introduced as the top trend colors of that season. Spring/Summer 2013 is no different with a wide variety of colors. These are the colors that will separate you from the herd and give you a stylish and fresh look compared to the boring geeks of Wall Street. Well, I don’t know about that- but you’ll at least look like you belong in 2013.

Popular T-shirt Colors: 2013

What it really comes down to though is this: if you’re making custom shirts to sell or give away- if you want people to wear them- you should choose colors that are of the time. No one wants a boring shirt that looks like it’s five years too late. Take a look at the colors below and consider these for  your next t-shirt design.


The first trends are basic base colors- concrete, straw, sand, and caramel. All with a brown hue, these are very basic yet surprisingly trendy. These colors may be better for pants- though the can work great as the base color of a t-shirt as well.

t-shirt colorst-shirt colorsorange


Moving onto blues you’ll notice they all have a very dark purple hue to them. The last one on the right is almost black it’s so dark. These would also go great as a base color for a shirt- or a bigger base for the design on the shirt.

bluelight bluedeep bluedark blue


The greens are very dull this season. They all have a sandy- army color to them. Like the desert Army man toys you used to have. I really like basic greens like this- simple and tough, you can combine these greens together for a base and design of a shirt.

greendark greenbrown greenlime green


Last, the reds. These colors are the real stand outs of the season. Bright- and fluorescent  they’re going to be the accent color you want to use with other more basic colors. Remember, black always works as a base color- these reds would go great with a black or charcoal. As well, any of the base colors at the top.

pinkdark redred orangebright red

Of course, these aren’t the only colors you should choose from, but they are a great start. Use these as inspiration for your own t-shirt designs at OneHourTees.com. With a free consultation on design and t-shirt selections, we’ll make sure to help you find the right color for you. Don’t hesitate!

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