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St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Ideas

We’ve all seen “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” more times than we ever should. So why not make this St. Paddy’s day special by making an original t-shirt with a great slogan for America’s finest day of drinking? Look below for some great ideas of slogans for your t-shirt. While some may be rude and crude, they’re probably not half as bad as some of the things you’ll hear while stumbling through the streets to your local pub.

St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Ideas

On St Paddy’s Day I don’t get drunk; I get Irish.

I Beat Up a Leprechaun for this Shirt.

Irish Until I Pass Out

I’ll Consider it Luck if Tonight We F—-

Whiskey and Beer: My Two Lucky Charms.

Drinkin’ Ain’t Done ‘Til Puke Doth Run.

St Paddy’s Drinking Game: Take a Shot for Every Shot

Stop the Thinkin’ And Start the Drinkin’

Was Searching for a Four Leafed Clover. Decided to Drink Instead.

You May Be Drunk, but Trust Me, I’m a Hunk.

Kiss Me, I’m Magically Delicious

Pinch Me and I’ll Puke. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Urinating in Public: A St Paddy’s Day Tradition.

Who’s St. Patrick? Will He Buy Me a Beer?

St Patrick’s Day Isn’t Just About Drinking Beer. It’s About Taking Shots Too.

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