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T-Shirt Ideas: Golf

For men and women, Golf starts when the weather warms, which for most of the country is in the next few weeks. While during a match, most golfers where ridiculously silly outfits, during a session at the driving range or practicing putting, you might want a shirt that’s more comfortable- a t-shirt that is. And what’s better than a motivating slogan or pun to keep your head in the game. Here’s a list of golf slogans for you that you can add to a t-shirt. OneHourTees.com offers some of the best prices on custom t-shirt printing- take these suggestions to help inspire your own t-shirts.

1. I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie.

2. Caddy Issues.

3. Life’s More Fun with a Hole In One

4. The Best Green Around

5. How’s My Driving?

6. You Need Balls to Golf

7. Member of the Tee Party

8. Life’s Better on the Green.

9. How Do You Like My Wood?

10. Golf Is a Relaxing Sport Only After You Lost All Your Hair.

11. Drive it Home.

12. Putting Like Pudding.