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The Benefits of Bulk T-shirts

Have you ever wanted to save some money? Who hasn’t, right? With the economy being what it is, people from all walks of life are looking for ways to save money any way they can. One of the easiest ways you can save money is purchasing t-shirts in bulk for your business or special event.

The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

There are numerous benefits to purchasing t-shirts in bulk. The first benefit is that, when you buy something in bulk, you will typically get a discount on your order. This can save you, or your company, a lot of money over time. Another advantage of ordering a bulk supply of t-shirts is that you will always have them when you need them. So, if you have new employees who need t-shirts or if one of your employees loses his or her t-shirt, you will have a supply of t-shirts available.

Who can Benefit from Buying Bulk T-shirts?

Because buying in bulk can save so much time and money, there are countless different organizations and events that benefit when they buy t-shirts in bulk.

  • Schools – Schools can benefit greatly from buying t-shirts in bulk. They are useful for special programs including fundraisers, drama groups, sports teams, and field trips. Students can show their pride and support for their school when they and their classmates wear their own special t-shirts.
  • Sports teams – Sports teams can find that buying t-shirts in bulk is very useful. During the long journeys in between games, it is easier for everyone on the team to identify each other at a glance, and stay together, with matching t-shirts. They can also be sold to fans, who love to show their support for their favorite team wearing a special t-shirt, especially during games.
  • Businesses – Many different kinds of businesses benefit from buying t-shirts in bulk. They can be used for advertising, for employees to spread the message about their business. They can be sold in fundraisers at various events, during conferences, or even in gift shops, depending on what the business is.

Quality Matters when Buying in Bulk

One thing to look for when you consider placing a bulk order of t-shirts is the quality that the company offers for their products. Just because you are saving money does not mean that you should have to sacrifice quality. The best companies will get you quality t-shirts on all of your bulk purchases.

Things to Avoid When Buying T-shirts in Bulk

There are a couple of things you should probably avoid when buying t-shirts in bulk. For example, avoid ordering the wrong design or kind of shirt. Once it’s printed, it’s yours to keep. This is why it’s suggested that you pay very close attention to the mockups and digital proofs we send you before you authorize the t-shirt run.

If we quoted you a 1-week lead time, you should also avoid calling us 12 hours after you gave us the go-ahead to see if we’re done yet. The reason we give specific time quotes is because we need that time to create and prepare your order. We put a lot of quality control into our t-shirts and good shirts can’t be rushed.

Does Quality Suffer When Ordering in Bulk?

Not at 1-Hour Tees. There’s a reason why we tell you how long it will take for us to have your order ready for pickup or to be shipped: it’s because we have a strict quality-control process that ensures even the biggest t-shirt run will have the 1,000th shirt come out looking just as good as the 1st.

Reasons to Order Bulk T-Shirts

There are many reasons besides “cost savings” to buy your t-shirts in bulk.

Brand Recognition – What better way to promote your brand for free than to have your customers walking around town with your company logo and contact information on the front and back? Aside from the initial up-front cost, you’re basically getting free advertising for your brand.

Sponsored Events – You can also distribute your custom shirts at a sponsored event such as a car race, trade show, or even the local Farmer’s Market. Best of all, once someone is given a free t-shirt, they usually keep it for a very long time. This means they’ll wear it over and over again for many years to come.

Promotions – Paying to get people in the front door of your business usually means an expensive direct mail campaign. However, you can avoid that unnecessary expense by printing up 100 or so t-shirts, then sending out a “Free T-Shirt to the 1st 100 people” email to everyone on your email list.

Community Identity – Charity runs, social events, or even Little League baseball teams can all benefit from bulk t-shirts. The more shirts you order, the cheaper the cost becomes. When it comes to teams and charity events, having everyone wear the same shirt creates a sense of continuity and can make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Sell Your Designs – Do you have a cool, funny, or interesting design or logo? Why not have your t-shirts printed up at 1-Hour Tees, then sell them online or at an event that you’ll be attending? You can easily recoup the cost of each t-shirt by marking it up nominally.

Are There Discounts When Buying in Bulk?

Yes! The more your order, the more you save. When buying a lot of t-shirts, you can get a better per-shirt price than you would if you only ordered a small amount. This is because large runs don’t require as much set up as smaller runs would.