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The Look Of Embroidery T-shirts

While embroidery t-shirts are beautiful, there are some important considerations when selecting this t-shirt option. At One Hour Tees, we provide custom embroidery services for groups, organizations and companies, and create beautiful and well-designed shirts suitable for virtually any occasion.

Over the years, we have found there are typical types or options in embroidery, which really stand out, on t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. They can also be sized up or down to make great additions to baseball caps, bags, or even sweatpants.

Patches and Badges

Patches and badges on embroidered t-shirts are great for groups and organizations. Teams also can use the team image as a patch or a badge that can be positioned on or above a breast pocket on the t-shirt or off to the side on the arm.

Coat of arms, mottos, and insignia are other popular options to traditional badges or patches.

Company Logos and Names

For a business, the logo or company name in embroidery on a tee shirt is a great promotional item, and it can even be used as part of company uniform. They are a bit more casual than a polo or a button down shirt and are great for summer or year round wear.

Team Symbols

Team symbols can include a specific sports symbol, such as basketball and hoop or a ball and bat, or they can include the actual team logo or name.

The team logo is usually embroidered over the front pocket. They can also be included on the other side of the chest or on the shoulder of a short sleeved t-shirt. For a bigger look on a heavy cotton shirt a larger team crest on the back makes a real statement.

Artwork and Creative Designs

It is also possible to have embroidered t-shirts which feature a creative design or a repeating type of motif around the collar or across the chest area. These are a popular request from our customers for women’s shirts, but they can also be a great option for guys as well.

The key to any embroidery t-shirts we complete is in choosing a shirt that is heavy enough to stand up to the embroidery without losing shape, bunching or drooping where the embroidery is positioned. Our staff can help in recommending the right weight and design of shirt for the particular embroidery option you choose.