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Winning the Marketing War with Embroidered Polo Shirts for Staff

Purchasing uniforms for employees is one of the fastest ways to make a company official. Aside from the company’s office, website URL, hosting that supports the branded email addresses, and personal phone line, a company uniform is the central element that speaks of permanence and professionalism. Uniforms help a company’s employees present themselves professionally to the public.

Beyond just the feeling that they evoke, company uniforms can serve other benefits to the company, if they are designed correctly and strategically. One of the most overlooked tactics in this regard is having embroidered polo shirts for the staff uniform.

Getting the Embroidered Polo Shirts Right

Before ordering embroidered polo shirts, you need to determine when and where they will be used. Will it be worn on Fridays, or only when staff is sent to do field work?

Another important factor to consider is the color of the shirt. The shirt color should not affect the visibility of your company logo. It must adhere to your brand and identity guidelines. Remember that the shirt is not just a uniform but also a branding tool.

What can a company get from taking advantage of embroidered polo shirts?

1. Dressing down without dressing inappropriately.

Casual Fridays, or wash days as they are called, are probably an employee’s favorite day, but they are also the most cringe-inducing for the HR director of any company. During wash days, you might see employees sashaying away in clothes that sometimes almost resemble their pajamas.
Having embroidered polo shirts for this day is a great way to set the rules when it comes to casual Fridays. Offering these shirts gives the message to employees that it is okay to be comfortable, but comfort should still be within the bounds of working in a corporate setting.
This will also work well for companies that are more casual, but still need to set a dress standard. Some businesses that benefit from embroidered polo shirts are telecommunication companies, sporting shops, and design firms.

2. Polo shirts are a branding and marketing tool.

An embroidered polo shirt, as part of the employee uniform, is probably one of the most understated marketing tools. It pays to have the logo well-made and sewn on the shirt. As employees go out to do official business, the company is highlighted wherever they go.
Aside from being a uniform, the company can also invest in extra number of pieces that can serve as a great gift for clients, key partners, and giveaway to consumers.

3. These shirts foster camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

Embroidered polo shirts for employee uniforms immediately become an appreciated welcome gift. The company tells their employees that they are now part of something bigger and exciting. As their employees converge, it signals oneness and unity among and within departments.
Wearing something similar and uniform with the others makes employees feel a sense of belonging, allowing them to believe that they are part of a team.