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Five T-Shirt Designs No One Should Ever Wear

bad t-shirt designs

Although we love giving you recommendations on what colors to wear with a t-shirt, how to accessorize a t-shirt, and tips on designing your own t-shirt, we understand that one of the best ways to know NOT what to do with a t-shirt is by showing you other people’s mistakes. Think of when you see a really cool pair of shoes or some fancy tie at a store and consider buying it. Then, by coincidence, you see someone wearing exactly what you were considering and they look HORRIBLE. It totally changes your mind about the purchase and puts you in the right direction to pick something much better. That’s our plan today with showing you five t-shirt designs no one should ever wear.


Here’s a recommendation on V-necks: if someone can see your belly button- your V-neck is too deep. But more realistically, the V-Neck is meant to have a small dip. Some people take this way too far. Example, the pictures below. Each of these shirts are way too deep. They come off really girly and weird. If you must go deep-v, keep the bottom tip of the V an inch or more above your nipples.

deep v neck t-shirtdeep v neck t-shirt


I’m going to tell you right now, you will never pull this look off, please don’t ever consider it. If you have considered it, I want you to put your hand into a deep fryer for 10 seconds. This is a bad idea forever. Unless you’re applying for a job at Chip N Dales or something similar, you should never ever look this ridiculous. Because, one day, you might want to be respected by someone, anyone, and this shirt will forever hinder that.


Although really cool in theory; totally lame and dumb in reality. These shirts will never serve a purpose, they don’t make you look classy at all. In fact, they do the opposite. Even if you’re just wearing it in a normal setting, no one will ever think, “now that dude has class.” NEVER. However, I can guarantee you at least three or four people will say, “that dude looks like an ass.” Just don’t. Please, please, please. Don’t.


I don’t care where that arrow is pointing, if you have a “I’m With Stupid Shirt On,” YOU’RE THE STUPID ONE. And I hate you. Most people will not see where that arrow is pointing because they will be so annoyed by your dumb face that they will blackout and seizure. I swear, if you ever wear a I’m With Stupid t-shirt and someone comes out of nowhere and punches you in the face, I’m going to say you deserved it. And this Stupid shirt pointing down to the crotch, what is that? Your crotch is stupid? That doesn’t even make sense. It’s infuriating. I hate it.

The Fake T-shirt

Similar to the Tuxedo Shirt- someone took the idea and asked themselves, “how can I make this worse?” And they figured it out. The Fake shirt is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on a shirt. Who’s fooled by this? Who is entertained by this? What did the inventor of these shirts think? That they would take off? People would ever take this seriously? My brain hurts just thinking about how moronic this dude had to be. My insides burn with hate. Please, for the love of t-shirts, never design or wear one of these.


fake t-shirts



If you agree that these are some of the worst t-shirts you’ve ever seen, then you’ll probably work well with us in designing your own t-shirt over at OneHourTees.com. With a wide variety of colors and t-shirt types, you can make whatever kind of shirt you like. Just please, don’t mimic any of these.