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Your Favorite Band’s T-Shirt

One of the biggest uses of a t-shirt is to make a statement on something or someone you believe in. When it comes to the arts, nothing is more satisfying than wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt and showing it off. However, you must be aware there are several rules to the band t-shirt. If you want to keep your cool and not discredit your favorite music makers, you may want to follow these:

Be Weary of Buying At Concerts:

concert t-shirt

Although it can be exciting to buy your favorite band’s t-shirt while at their show, most bigger bands tend to charge ridiculous prices for a shirt you can order online or at a record store for half the price. Make sure you’re not spending more than you actually need to. Here’s a tip: if the t-shirt costs more than the concert ticket, you’re paying too much.

The Shirt’s Gotta Rock

Don’t feel you have to support a band and buy their t-shirt if the design is lame. A band that doesn’t spend the extra time making sure their t-shirts will look good on their fans shouldn’t get your hard earned money. Make sure the t-shirt is aesthetically pleasing, has more than the band’s name on it, and makes people want to look at your shirt for more than a quick glance.

The Dirtier the Better

willow smith
Cooler than you’ll ever be.

A band’s t-shirt needs to have a bit of an edge, it has to look as hard as the band that you’re supporting. A perfectly ironed and creased t-shirt isn’t going to impress anyone. They’ll think the band is some power-pop trio from Sweden. Your favorite band’s t-shirts needs some dirt, some holes, some grime. Let people know you’re with that band through thick and thin. The dirtier the better.

Know The Band

Don’t wear the t-shirt of a band you’re not really into. Band t-shirts are meant for hardcore fans that want to show their support. If you don’t support a band but wear their t-shirt, you can get in a tight situation when someone asks you what your favorite album or song is of the band. When you come up blank and admit you don’t really listen to the band, you’re going to lose every cool point you’ve ever earned.

Here’s a quick guide to knowing if you should buy a band’s T-shirt:
-Have you listened to their record so many time its made family members angry?
-Do you know all the words to their album’s secret songs?
-Do you have a favorite unreleased/b-side?
-Have you named a pet/tree/stuffed animal/future son after the lead singer?
-Can you recall the band’s discography in chronological order?

If at least two of those apply, you qualify for a t-shirt wearer.

And Finally,

Don’t Wear The Shirt At the Concert!!

concert t-shirt
(from left to right) Dork, Dork’s Son, Dork’s Daughter

This is the most important rule of band t-shirts. There is nothing more lame than wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt to your favorite band’s concert. Part of being a cool cat is acting like you don’t care if you’re cool or show that you’re trying to be. Everyone knows you like the band, so why try to show it more, it makes a person look really uncool.

Follow these tips and you’ll always look great in your favorite band’s t-shirt. Don’t follow them and, well, expect a wedgie form me.