Frequently Asked ?'s

Question: Could I have directions to your store?
Answer: Let's be honest here. If you still have to call a store to get directions because you don't have a smartphone with google maps you probably shouldn't be ordering custom t-shirts.

Question: Nobody contacted me that my order was ready, I AM PISSED!
Answer: When u go to the cleaners do you call em to ask when your shirts are done? No, we tell you the date to come get your shit and then you come get it. Simple.

Question: Does the ink wash out?
Answer: We use high end Brother DTG printers. We've washed the shirts at home and they do not wash out. However, if you're buying Sparkle detergent from the dollar store and you let your grandma do your laundry...anything can happen...

Question: Is the owner available? I'd like to try and sell him advertising
Answer: No sorry. Have you not seen all of the advertising we currently do? If he wanted to buy your advertising he would be calling you.

Question: Why are there so many wrestling photos all over your store?
Answer: Chokeslam!

Question: Why don't you "do weekends"?
Answer: The questions you ask are so crazy throughout the week, that if we didn't have weekends off our heads would explode.

Question: Why do I have to pay up front for my order?
Answer: The same reason you have to pay for your McDonalds before u eat it.

Question: How can you only be open 9 to 5? That's when I work!
Answer: If we stayed open later we would have to increase our prices and seeing as our low pricing is why we everyone comes here for shirts, the hours YOU work are irrelevant.

Question: Is this a franchise?
Answer: No, there is only one location in Chicago. If it was a franchise we definitely couldn't write a FAQ page like this.

Question: Is there parking available?
Answer: There is only non-metered street parking available. BUT this is Chicago, so don't expect to find a parking spot without getting a ticket.

Question: My order is due today but I would like to cancel it, is that alright?
Answer: Yea sure, but you're not getting your money back.

Question: Your staff was very rude can I please speak to a manager?
Answer: That person who was rude was a manager.

Question: Can I pick-up my order after you close?
Answer: Let me check with the ghosts in our haunted store who can assist you once we leave.

Question: What is all that music coming from the back of your store?
Answer: It's like a mullet. Business in the front...Party in the back.

Question: What's with all the sarcasm?
Answer: Had a rough day.

Question: Why are you guys so awesome?
Answer: It's like when all those kids came together with the rings to form Captain Planet. Same shit.