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Fonts and Clipart

We know how frustrating it can be to search for fonts and clipart only to end up on websites that want to charge you an arm and a leg for a simple graphic of a baseball, or a font that you love.

Instead of wasting your time searching for free sites that offer what you are looking for, we decided to put together this page that includes a couple of our favorite resources when it comes to fonts and clipart, as well as offering some insight into the terminology used within the design community when it comes to fonts and images.


Free Fonts

If you’ve ever searched for a free font for use in a project or design then you’ve probably come across our absolute favorite resource when it comes to fonts… Da Font.

Da Font provides free downloadable fonts that you can install on both your Mac and PC for use in any design program of your choosing. They can also be used in any program that allows you to change fonts, so feel free to use these in a Word document as well.

Da Font offers thousands of unique fonts that you won’t find anywhere else. Looking for a font that resembles your favorite movie or video game title, Da Font probably has one that will work. Looking for a college font, or an old English font? Da Font definitely has what you’re looking for.

When it comes to choosing the right font, we know how tricky it can be. Do you want a serif font or a sans serif font? Oh, you don’t even know the difference between those two? Well that’s what we’re here for; let us give you a quick lesson.

Serif Font – A serif is the little mark, or line, that you find jutting out of characters in a font. A serif tends to add a touch of elegance to a font, rather than just big blocky leters. For example, Garamond and Cambria are serif fonts.

Sans Serif Font – These are fonts that don’t have a serif, hence ‘sans’ serif. For example, Futura is a sans serif font. These fonts appear blockier and less elegant than fonts that have serifs, but are also more bold and stand out more. These are perfect for names on the backs of sports jerseys.

But really, the main thing to look for when choosing a font is whether or not you think it looks good, and it works with your design idea.

Da Font allows you to preview the fonts so you can see exactly how the upper and lower case letters will look, as well as the numbers and symbols in most cases.

Choose a font that works best for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Find Fonts Here



Free clipart can be a bit trickier to find than fonts. With fonts there are plenty of options to choose from in regards to styles similar to paid fonts, and things like that. But with clipart, if you’re looking for a certain image, it can be tricky to find a free version.

That’s why our recommendation for clipart isn’t a free resource, but it is one of the best out there, at a very reasonable price.

When it comes to clipart, Graphics Factory is hard to beat. Graphics Factory features millions of royalty free images that you can use for your custom t-shirt designs (or whatever purpose you may have for clipart). However, when we say “royalty free” that does not mean that you have access to all of this amazing clipart for free, there is a small fee of $30 per year. But this grants you access to all of the images on their website.

Clipart is a great way to add a little flair to your t-shirt design. Whether it’s a soccer ball for your team jerseys, or a wedding ring for a bachelorette party, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Graphics Factory.

The majority of the images that Graphics Factory offers are vector images, which means they can be blown up, or shrunk down, to pretty much any size you can think of.

Find Clip Art Here

What is a Vector Image?

When it comes to images, there are two main types that you’ll be dealing with in design, vector and raster.

Vector – Vector images are usually created in a program like Illustrator and can be manipulated up to any size you need. It is an image made up of points and lines as opposed to pixels, which allows it to be scaled.

Raster – Raster images are made up of pixels, which are very small blocks that makeup your computer screen. These blocks are filled in with colors in order to create the image you see on your screen. Raster images cannot be scaled up drastically as a computer cannot accurately add in information that isn’t there to begin with. Blowing up a raster image will result in a blurry image that will not print well in any capacity.

Knowing the difference between these two types of images is extremely helpful when it comes to designing your t-shirts. When looking for images be sure to note the size of the graphic as well as the type of images. Vector images usually have the extension .ai or .eps (sometimes .pdf), where as raster images will usually be .jpg, .png, or .gif.

There are other file extensions for images, so in order to prevent any future headaches, just make sure the images you are using are large enough in their original state.

So whether you’re looking for free fonts or some unique clipart to add to your t-shirt design, these two resources are sure to help you find what you’re looking for.