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Custom Graduation T-Shirts In Chicago

There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into earning a diploma or degree. Don’t the happy grads deserve more than just memories? Reward those relieved students with custom graduation t-shirts in Chicago.

When the seniors roll out on the last day of class in matching apparel, it’s a moment made for Instagram and selfie sticks. Personalized graduation shirts are great for showcasing school pride, celebrating the close of a final semester and making it easy to identify the graduates.

At One Hour Tees, you can order custom t-shirts in your choice of graduating class shirt designs, customized for you.


More Than Tees, Too!

While custom graduation t-shirts make great keepsakes, One Hour Tees has plenty of other options available. Order matching tanks, sweatshirts or whatever apparel you like. Our products come in different fabrics, brands and colors, so there are countless ways to customize your gear. Try personalized graduation t-shirts in school colors or sweatshirts for a class camping trip.


Printing Options for Custom Graduation Shirts

We also offer five high-quality, custom printing methods, from embroidery to screen printing. Here’s what makes each one distinct:


  • • Light Direct to Garment (Light DTG) Printing: One of our newest technologies, Light DTG printing is a great option for light-colored clothing that won’t need white ink. It works sort of like a home printer, applying designs directly to shirts for a smooth and durable result.
  • • Dark Direct to Garment (Dark DTG) Printing: Dark DTG printing is for darker materials, when you need white ink printed beneath the design. While it can yield great results, it tends to be more expensive than Light DTG and is about five times more time-consuming. It works best for small orders.
  • • Screen Printing: Screen printing is great for large orders with simple designs that need eight colors or fewer. The minimum order is 25.
  • • Embroidery: A more professional look than screen printing or DTG, embroidering involves stitching colors directly onto a piece of clothing. Since the set-up process is labor-intensive, the minimum order is 25.
  • • Screened Heat Transfer: Last but not least we have screened heat transfer. Technically different from printing, it involves heating a transfer onto a material in order to leave a lasting design — think sports jerseys.


Order from One Hour Tees

When it comes to custom graduation t-shirts in Chicago, there’s nobody that does it like One Hour Tees. We use only the highest quality materials and are committed to achieving great results for all our customers. With thousands of options available, you can trust us for custom shirts you’ll love, at fair prices. Whether you want one or one hundred, we can handle the job. Reach out anytime to learn more and get a quote on personalized graduation shirts.